What is Price Range Apple Electric Car?

Rumors that Apple will develop an electric car has been developing for a long time. And analysts predict that the car will be sold at the price of USD 55 thousand.

apple car

Tim technology analyst from Jefferies & Co. is calling the price of electric cars belonging to the apple. In a report, page 68, a team of analysts are predicting that Apple Car will be sold at an average price of USD 55 thousand.

Apple Car prices are compared with the Tesla S – which is also an electric car – is not too expensive. But the new Apple Car is expected to be launched in 2019, and market electric cars in the future it can not be predicted.

And considering Apple is known vendors with premium design, they can only sell Apple Car variant with a range of options that are more luxurious and certainly at a much higher price, like when they sell other apple products.

Four years after its launch in 2019, the analyst team predicts Car Apple will sell as many as 200 thousand units annually. For your information, Tesla is targeting car sales by 55 thousand for 2015.