Watches The Counting Backward Death Time Users

Most people fear death, they perform a variety of healthy way of life in order to live longer. In an era of increasingly sophisticated technology like this, do you ever think to have a watch that can count down the time of your death? Never have, probably for not being able to imagine horrible things of this sort.

watch timer time of deathHowever, now comes Tikker which is a watch with the nickname “Death Clock”. These watches can count down the time of its death. May look terrible, but did you know that it is actually a working draft of watches this new innovation so that the user can set a healthy lifestyle.

An originator of these watches come from Sweden, he claims that his watches can calculate the life expectancy of a person can even count down the user when it will die. Fredrik Colting, a name that makes this sophisticated watches. However Colting call this clock as The Happiness Watch or clock happiness, the article of this watch is made so that people can appreciate the time and love yourself.

There are several requirements needed to wear watches this death, you are asked to fill out the questionnaire that has been provided as an information base. Later you will be asked to fill out your medical history, including allergies to something or disease. Not only that, users will also be asked whether they smoke and whether there is a case history of cancer, diabetes and other diseases in their family.

There are also questions addressed to the wearer, how often they exercise and how often users weigh them. After all the information about yourself is entered, the user’s age will be reduced by the prediction set by Tikker. Besides being able to predict its age limit, Tikker also displays local time and start counting down when the user will die.

For the price for watches that cost is £ 49.99. the presence of these watches is controversial, imagine if someone told you that your age to stay another year, what would you do to change your lifestyle?

These watches are equipped with three rows timepiece, the top line shows the year, month, and day. As for the second line displays the countdown hours, minutes, and seconds. For the third line shows the local time or the running time today.