Vick, Virtual Keyboard for Your Smartphone

Write long complicated material while using the keyboard smartphone? ViKC might be the solution. This smartphone case-shaped device has a sophistication that offers you a virtual keyboard for typing on the smartphone discretion.

vick virtual keyboard

This virtual keyboard you can use wherever you want. Using the laser, keyboard ViKC device showing a virtual keyboard like a computer keyboard is displayed directly on your desk, like in the video below.

Well, Using this keyboard also don’t need to bother, because the device is equipped with the on / of for your turn at the back of the device. In addition, there are also applications to activate the virtual keyboard.

Not only that, the device as well as a case of this smartphone supports Android and iOS platforms. ViKC device is currently being raised on Kickstarter website, you can order pre-order and will be shipped in June 2016.