Unique, Case makes the iPhone can run Android OS

case iphone

When discussing the iPhone operating system, iOS will all answer. However, what happens if an iPhone can run the Android operating system from Google?

Is a developer named Nick Lee who embody the idea. Armed with a cell phone case 3D printing result, he managed to make an iPhone capable of running Android. Lee copy the Android Open Source Project and make Marshmallow Android version which can be used alone.

The initial design of his own case is different from those in the market today. Lee combines board, batteries, converters, and a resistor to produce large-sized case.

However, after some adjustments, the case has a design and a display similar to the smartphone battery case generally. In fact, he adds openings for HDMI, USB port, including a microSD slot in the case.

In the video uploaded, look no special application called Tendigi to access the operating system that green robot on an iPhone. The application is made by the developer and mobile design studio of the same name, and Lee was CTO her.

Based on trials that are shown in Lee, looks iPhone 6s can actually run Android, including open access to the Google Play Store. The whole process of making this takes several days, before finally actually useable.

Lee himself is not the first consummate this unique initiative. Previously, he had managed to make Apple Watch running the older operating system, Windows 95, and it runs smoothly.