Turns iOS Have Keyboard Secrets


Who knows that iOS has a secret in his keyboard newly revealed recently. This feature is capable of displaying the iOS keyboard that can be operated with just one hand.

This keyboard design certainly helps users who have iOS devices with large screens. Because, by sliding keyboard into a flush right or left, it will be easier typing activity. Not to mention there are additional key cut, copy, and paste.

Unfortunately, the new features can not be used until now because it has not officially rolled out. Thus, special efforts need to be able to display these features.

According to one of Apple’s developer Steve Troughton-Smith who discovered the existence of these features, the ability of the keyboard can only emerge after iOS slightly tampered with iOS Simulator.

iOS Simulator is a software made by Apple that can be run to simulate iOS on Mac as part of the development application.

Other findings were quite surprising is this feature was already embedded Apple iOS 8. But since the presence at quoted from TechCrunch, The feature until now was never released to the public.

Possible first, it features inserted as a solution for the iPhone 6 when it slid with a larger screen than the iPhone generation sebelunya. Only, it is not known why Apple did so launch it.

One estimate suggests Apple already has another solution to help navigation in the iPhone 6. Reachability features are: the ability to make the screen display down by tapping the Home button twice.