Tricks For Iphone not Slow


Similarly, Android smartphone, iPhone and iPad also has RAM if it is used by many applications it will run slower.

There are several ways to handle it, depending on the practicality required by the user.

The easiest way to clean RAM and make the performance of the iPhone becomes smooth again is with restarting. The way it had been done a lot of users.

Meanwhile, another way mentioned by installing third-party applications. There are several applications that can be used to clean RAMiPhone, like Checker, iFullStat, System Status and others.

Well, now there is one easy way is not yet widely known. In just seconds, your iPhone will run smoothly as before.

It’s very practical. First, press and hold the power button of your iPhone until it says “Slide to Power Off ‘.

At the same time, quickly press the Home button. After a few moments, then the iPhone will return to the Home screen. At that time, the RAM has been cleared and your iPhone can run smoothly without interruption.