Tips to save on iPhone 16GB Storage Capacity

iphone 6

Phone 16GB for now could be an alternative for those who want to have an iPhone at the lowest price. The consequence was, the storage capacity obtained is also minimal.

Frills 16GB was not proportional to the actual storage capacity that we can. Several spaces taken up apparently eaten by the storage capacity of the installation of iOS.

As a result, users can take advantage of at least 10GB of available storage capacity.

It would be a burden for some users who are fond of storing files such as photos, videos, music and applications with a large enough memory.

But do not panic. Here are tips for you to outsmart and save the storage capacity of 16GB on the iPhone.

Delete Photos and Video

Photos and video are files that turned out to take a lot of memory on the iPhone 16GB storage capacity.

For that, you must be diligent delete a photo or video that is not important or even have in common (such as you release the shutter in burst condition).

Save the photos in the Cloud

You do not need to deposit all the photos and videos on iPhone 16GB yours. You can take advantage of cloud storage capacity so that a photo gallery and video more economical.

Way too easy. If you’ve updated to iOS 9, check the Settings -> General -> iCloud Storage & Usage.

You can also take advantage of services such as iCloud Cloud Drive, Google Photos or too Dropbox. If you want more storage, you have to pay.

Remove Applications Useless

Remember, this iPhone with a storage capacity of 16GB and not 32GB, 64GB or even 128GB. So, you can not arbitrarily install the application as much as possible.

You have to sort out which app you think is often used in daily content, including applications ‘perintilan’ such as photo editing VSCO, Snapseed, Typorama and his friends.

For example, for the instant messaging application, install some important do you think is used. In this case, Tekno only use WhatsApp and BBM because it’s the second most frequently used applications. In fact, both functions the same as other instant messaging services.

Even so the app games. You only need to install the games you play in a regular scale.

Do not install too many games because you will definitely will play only one or a few of the many games that you install.

Diligent Clear Cache Files

You also must often ‘inspection’ of social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Path and Instagram, as well as most browsers you use.

Most of the vulnerable application takes up memory to store data. The goal is to form a cache of files so that users no longer need to wait for loading when opening the same content on each medsos.

You must be willing to delete cache files because it clearly devour storage capacity of your iPhone. How easy it is, you just need to go to Settings -> General -> Storage & iCloudUsage, then select the option Manage Storage.

If you wish to delete cache files Facebook, select Delete App and the application will be deleted and you need to re-download it again.

Familiarize Streaming

Because the iPhone of yours has a capacity of 16GB, try not to deposit music files. From now on, get used streaming, both for music and video.

You can take advantage of Apple Music, or other third party streaming applications such as Spotify, Soundcloud Joox or well.

Use Flash Drive Special iPhone

The last option is believed to help to optimize the storage capacity of 16GB on your iPhone.

Yes, use the special Flash Drive for iPhone as an additional storage media. So, you can store various files belong to you in the Flash Drive.

You can use some Flash Drive like SanDisk iXpaand, Leef iBridge and iKlips which have storage capacities ranging from 16GB up to 128GB.