Tips to maximize android smartphone for beginners

android detected in root tipsSure there will always be the first time in life – including testing the Android operating system on the device of your choice. Users who first use Google’s operating system may not know how to maximize your Android phone.

Here’s how to maximize your Android smartphone for beginners:

1. Do Until Out Data

In order to connect to the Internet, make sure you have activated the data packet. You can monitor the use of data in the Settings menu / Settings -> Usage Data / Data Usage.

2. What are your Wise Spread

You must know what apps are using your information. Do not until you are not aware of the photos or videos you share with the public – unless you want it.

To set it up, you click the Settings menu / Settings and select Applications / Apps. This menu will display the list of permissions the application.

In newer versions of Android, you can control what information is shared on your application more. For example, you can share photos but does not share your location and vice versa.

3. Let Your Batteries Survive

If your phone has a battery saving mode, you can activate automatically when your battery is weak. Generally, power only 15 percent or 5 percent.

All you need to do is turn on the features that you think are important. Typically in this mode, features such as location and email updates are enabled.

4. Your phone Like You: The Only One In Between

One of the important things about the Android operating system is that you can customize according to your wishes. All applications can be set to prioritize the applications that you use frequently to the app launcher.

5. Get Top Google Experience

Not only that, you do not need to do any thing by using voice assistant “OK Google”. You just say “OK Google!” to find out or run any application. For example application Gmail, Calendar, or find out something when you’re driving.

6. Quick Access Setup

If you’re in a situation or an important meeting, you can turn off all ringtones and notifications on your phone. This you can do in the window screen. Just swipe down on the top of your screen. Then, you will find the Quick Settings which contains some important settings, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Flashlight, Airplane Mode, and Screen Brightness.

7. Read Better & Faster, More Clever

Android Marshmallow which is the latest version offers a feature called “Google Now on Tap”. You simply tap on anything you read. Later, Google’s instant search will finish it.

Even if your phone is not running the latest version of Android, you can still do a search phrase selected in Chrome. Simply highlight the words you want to search, and a small window will appear at the bottom of the phone screen. Tap and the search will begin instantly. If this feature annoying, disable to Settings> Personal> Touch to Search.

8. Control Default Settings

Your mobile phone will always ask whether you want to use an application that becomes your default settings. So you need not worry!

But if not, you can change the applications that handle functions automatically – like opening directed video directly to YouTube rather than in the browser.

You simply click “Clear Standards”. Some phones actually have a menu “Default Application”, which lists all standard on your phone.