Tips to Get Lots Follower on Twitter

You all definitely want to have a lot of followers on Twitter, in addition to having a lot of listeners, has a number of follower that many can also increase your prestige in cyberspace. Getting followers on Twitter is arguably not as easy to make friends in Facebook, then how?

Tips to Get Lots Follower on Twitter

Tips for getting a lot of followers on Twitter, by following these tips hopefully you can get a lot of followers on Twitter.

More positive

Reduce the habit of writing something negative like complaining, angry, upset, and so on. Write something more positive and enjoyable to read a lot of people. With so other people would love to see your tweet.

Giving information

One study showed that people who provide useful information via his Twitter account followers have three times more than those who only talk about themselves. If you have information useful, it helps you tweet on your Twitter account.

Show yourself

Others tend to be more pleased when he saw someone using your account compared with the original photo of people using cartoon photo, artist, and so on. Include also your real identity, thus creating a Twitter account you can be recognized and trustworthy.

Build a network

Do not just focus on getting as many followers as possible, you also have to interact with your Twitter friends. Do not just write a tweet, you should be able to make your followers feel appreciated by replying to their tweets or exchange opinions with light.