Tips to Clean Trash Memory in iPhone

The internal memory so one of the important factors for iPhone users. Therefore, all applications that are installed surely take up storage space. The more software you install, the more memory the image was taken.

Thus, iPhone with large memory capacity is not necessarily a guarantee if you install a lot of applications that are not important.

If it had been the scene, memory of your iPhone will be a little left. As a result, you do not freely utilize storage space iPhone.

For example, you can not store photos because memory is full, but it also can not install additional applications. In fact, you also can not update the iPhone operating system because of the limited storage space is insufficient.

Then, is there a way to make the storage capacity of the iPhone back in relief? Do I remove an application manually can help? Not necessarily.

Full iPhone’s memory is not only caused by applications that are installed, but also from the ‘garbage’ application – in this case called “Cache”.

Here are tips surefire memory clean up garbage in the iPhone.

1. Find Out Application Greedy Memory Spot

First of all, you need to know which applications are ‘greedy’ memory consuming iPhone. The trick, go to Settings -> General -> iCloud Storage & Usage.

After that, select the option Manage Storage at Storage selection.

Then you will know what applications are consuming the most memory. In this case, the application Photos and Videos 14.5 GB memory consuming.

2. Remove Applications Greedy Memory Spot

If there are applications that consume a lot of memory, you can delete it.

But do not worry, install the application again. Because once installed back, a cache of applications that have been automatically also be deleted.

You can also automatically remove it from the home to hold and tap the application icon.

3. Remove Other Files

Text messages, music files, and photos would be ‘the culprit’ cause your iPhone memory is full.