Tips to avoid mistakes in Facebook

There are a number of errors that should be avoided by the owner of the brand on Facebook:

avoid mistakes in facebook

  1. Indifferent to the Facebook page. Should continue to post quality content on a regular basis and engage consumers to interact.
  2. Violate Facebook rules such as the use of names, trademarks or obscene potential revocation of the account.
  3. Threatening other users such as cursing or send messages containing rude words.
  4. Locking pages that result in potential customers can not find your ad or website.
  5. Be a spammer. Take advantage of the Facebook page as a place to provide insights into the creative products, for example, provide tips.
  6. One chose admin. Facebook page requires managers who are familiar with social media.
  7. Abai respond to complaints. Always reply to comments or feedback wisely.
  8. Remove negative comments. Say thanks and appreciation to the commenter.