Tips roll Smartphone charger cable correctly

roll Smartphone charger cable

Who would not be annoyed if it should roll smartphone charger cable, but the cable suddenly broke up? Sure most of you have experienced.

If you experience this irritating incident, there must be something wrong with your charger cord care. Either of how you roll it, or you leave it stored away so easily crushed other objects and become damaged.

Well, will offer easy tips for you to take care of charger smartphone by winding the cable correctly.

First, place the end of the charger cable in the palm of your hand. Then, roll the charger cable to the palm of your hand as shown below.

After that, off the palms of the rolls. Squeeze the cable roll like this.

Reserving 2/3 cable and roll to the side of profit binding wire coils.

Afterwards, enter the upper end of the USB cable to form a pattern of a bow tie like this.

Good luck!