This application is able to Interpret Your Baby Cries

Babies have a unique language to express his heart’s content. However, because it can not speak, most babies will cry to notify parents that she was wanting something. Unfortunately, the parents are not able to understand the meaning of the baby’s crying.

app baby cry

Fortunately, scientists in Taiwan so good and be happy to develop a baby’s cry translator application. Scientists named Chang Chuan-yu and Dr Chen Si-da This makes the Baby Cries Translator application. The application of the four claimed to be able to distinguish the sound of crying, such as hunger, wet diapers, drowsiness, and pain.

Two researchers from Taiwan is not arbitrary in making an application. They are willing to spend two years to collect approximately 200,000 cries of about 100 newborns. According to them, the application Baby Cries Translator has the accuracy of 92 percent for infants in under two weeks.

The more mature the baby, then the accuracy of the application will be on the wane. Baby Cries Translator application can read the cries of babies aged under one or two months with an accuracy of 85 percent, while the baby is four months old, only 77 percent.

Once past the age of six months, the application is not very useful because all babies have got influences from the environment. However, the researchers believe that the Baby Cries Translator application could be useful for parents who have just given birth to their first child.

In addition, the Baby Cries Translator application usage is also very easy. After downloading the application, users only need to press the record button for 10 seconds. Then, the application will record your baby’s cries and upload them to the cloud service. Then, the sound of crying was analyzed by the system and displayed the results. From here you will know your baby is crying because of what.