The reason Apple did not add a touchscreen feature on a Macbook

The development is currently not denied laptop has switched to use the touch screen. Users can not only navigate through the touchpad screen, but also can directly touch it on the screen.

But the move was in fact not been followed by Apple until today. Cupertino-based company, the United States, it turned out to have no idea MacBook instead of a touch screen, but there was no intention to realize.

According to Apple’s SVP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller, never unbuilt reason the idea because it did not want to change MacBook just to be a large sail with a pin iPhone touch screen capabilities.

Actually apple memilliki idea that since a few years ago, and came to the conclusion to make the best computers, Apple MacOS need not turn into an iPhone.

He added that each of the devices (MacBook) is actually the best products according to function.

Therefore, each one need not fundamentally changed without the need to add other features. Moreover, the touch screen on the iMac, according to Schiller, absurd.

Actually, this is not the first time Apple dismissed the news their efforts to merge with the MacOS operating system iOS. Some time ago, Schiller himself had called the effort is futile.

For information, Apple itself has just launched the MacBook Pro 2016. This latest generation edition is touted to be ‘reincarnated’ MacBook Air – Apple laptop with a thin dimensions.