Snowden did not recommend using Google Allo Mobile devices

Google’s latest chat application, Allo, was not a positive response from Edward Snowden. According to him, the application not unlike a tool to spy on users.

In an upload via his Twitter account, Snowden who is now a fugitive from the United States government insinuated such applications as Google Trustees.

Free for download today: Google Mail, Google Maps, and Google Surveillance (supervisor). It is Allo. Do not use Allo.

Greeting Snowden is also not without reason. Google is said to have changed the version that rolled out Allo current of the current version was first introduced on the mat the Google I / O this year.

Allo current version is called will store the entire conversation when the user did not use incognito mode.

For information, incognito is the mode that offers the ability of end-to-end encryption to ensure the security of the conversation.

However, this decision was changed from the search engine giant’s explanation earlier, ie only store messages in the form of unidentified and temporary.

The change makes the entire history of messages passing through the Allo accessible to Google if users do not delete it.

Google itself argued the change was made to improve the smart reply feature, which serves to suggest a response that is given in a conversation. That is because the same features as other learning systems, requiring more data to work better.

Even so, it does not mean the application is not secure at all. Although present in separate mode, the ability to embed Google Allo fixed end-to-end encryption via chat incognito. Through this mode, the user conversation at least will be protected by encryption.