Snapchat added various features to facilitate Chatting


Service-based image and video chat, Snapchat, trying to make the chat feature to be faster and interesting. These applications announced updates that make it easier photo and video service users to talk to each other via voice, video, and text.

In addition, the application is on the rise also introduces more than 1,000 stickers that resemble emoji, but more detail. For example emoji puppy sleeping, dancing mice, up to a walrus who drank coffee. Previously, Facebook Messenger also has a similar emoji.

New features include video repeating Snapchat for 10 seconds or audio notes feature. If a friend does not respond when you want to chat, the note will inform our friends next active time.

Not only that, other features were also added Snapchat lets users make voice calls as a call on a cell phone features. Then, your friend can respond with video, text, and sound.

Applications that slide in 2012 it also makes it easy for users who are in the loop Snapchat Stories, for both photos and video clips are available for up to 24 hours. After one complete Story, Story will appear in the user’s feed. Then, if you want to skip a Story, users can slide the screen left and then to the next Story.

This new feature is part of the war-based chat application. Good Snapchat, Facebook, and Google have increased their messaging services in order to attract more users.

Earlier on Tuesday, informing Instagram would add any video length from 15 seconds to 60 seconds.

Even though with Facebook is reportedly experimenting with its Messenger application. Reportedly, Facebook creates a personal assistant based on artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence / AI) who is able to make payments via the mobile.