Smart Wallet Connected to Smartphone for Various Needs

volterman smart walletSmart device trends undeniably have been widely available in the market. After the lights or speakers, the latest wallet has been equipped with various functions and capabilities like smartphones.

Is Volterman, a smart wallet project that is now raising funds in Indiegogo. This wallet can work like a smartphone, but no screen.

This wallet can be used to charge the smartphone. Armed with Bluetooth connectivity connected to a smartphone, this wallet can be an alarm when the user searches for the device and vice versa.

This wallet is also equipped with GPS, 3G connectivity, and RFID protection. Despite having a wireless charging capability, this wallet also provides cables if the smartphone used does not have wireless capabilities.

Uniquely, this wallet is also equipped with a camera to take pictures. So, when this wallet is lost stolen others, the camera will automatically capture the image of the person trying to open the wallet.

Then, users can access captured images via apps on the smartphone. But this camera feature is available as a complement, so users can choose to use it or not.

In addition to these various features, this wallet can still be used to save money or cards for various purposes. Wallet equipped with 2.000mAh battery up to 5.000mAh It has three cardholder, bifold design, with compact size.

The plan, this wallet will begin to be marketed in December 2017. The price of this wallet is US $135. In addition, buyers can also write their initials at a cost of US $19.