Smart stethoscope Can Connect with the iPhone and iPad

The medical world began to attract the attention of gadget lovers. How not, stethoscope which was only to find out the beating heart or the patient’s condition, can now be connected to the gadgets through a wireless connection.

smart stethoscope connected to the iPhone and iPadSmart stethoscope was named Eko Core. This medical device is the result of the work of EkoDevices technology startup that has attracted worldwide attention in the health of the United States. In fact, the technology has been approved for use by the (FDA) Food and Drug Administration.

Actually, Eko Core is simply a digital adapter that can be attached to a standard stethoscope. However, the adapter can record the patient’s heart rate in real-time and send to the Cloud via the application Eko found on the iPhone and iPad. Interestingly, because it is connected to the cloud storage, earlier patient data can be accessed by other doctors to be analyzed together. Of course, only certain doctors who can access it.

As with other devices, stethoscope Eko Core also requires the input power. This stethoscope can only last for 9 hours on one charge. Moreover, Eko Core adapters also can not be attached to the stethoscope carelessly. Only one tube stethoscope models that can use it. To stethoscope two tubes and an electronic stethoscope can not enjoy it.

Currently, Eko application is only available for iOS devices only. However, in the future this application will also support Android devices.