Smart Mug Can Maintain Temperature Hot Water For Hours

For some people, working in the morning would not be complete if it is not accompanied with a cup of coffee. Because coffee will only be delicious when drunk hot.Smart Mug Can Maintain Temperature Hot Water For Hours.

smart mug maintain the temperature of the water for hoursThe problem is, not everyone can drink coffee quickly. Some of them even intentionally let the coffee in the tupperware for hours until cold because it was too busy with work.

Tupperware weakness like that is the main inspiration Ember Mug created. Yes, this smart mug can regulate the water temperature constant for hours. In fact, this temperature can be set according to the wishes of the user.

The workings of this clever mug is quite simple. Users only need to rotate the lever at the bottom of the mug to regulate the temperature corresponding digital numbers that are right at the top of the temperature lever itself.

Because of these capabilities, of course, this mug will require a power. Fortunately, this can be done by practically since Ember Mug is equipped with a battery that can be recharged through a charger device.

Mug bucket itself is currently in the process of raising funds through the site IndieGoGo. Based on information obtained from the official website, Ember Mug priced at USD 129.