Samsung Officially Introduces 2 New Smartwach


Samsung re-add to the ranks of smart devices with the introduction of two brand-new smartwatch, the Gear Gear S3 S3 Classic and Frontier. Differences between smart watches that are embedded designs.

Gear S3 Classic present a more elegant design is equipped with a leather strap, while the Frontier Gear S3 comes with a more sporty and silver colored body wrapping.

Both have a larger size and thicker than its predecessor, Gear S2. Good Gear Gear S3 S3 Classic and Frontier already supported the ability of anti water and dust to IP68 certification.

There are two models offered by Samsung for each series, the Bluetooth capability and Bluetooth plus LTE.

Even so, each model still supports wireless connectivity, such as NFC and MST.

Other specifications of this new device are two built-in speakers and a variety of sensor support, such as an altimeter, barometer, speedometer, GPS, including its own music player. Smart clock has an internal memory of 4GB.

Samsung also buried a battery with a larger capacity than its predecessor. Both of these smart watches 380mAh battery backed-called can last up to 4 hours on a single charge.

South Korean companies also integrate most new battery storage mode. Other power-saving features are also applicable is the clock mode, the function disables all features except the timepiece and accessories makes gear S3 is like a regular watch.

Samsung also mentioned there have been 10 thousand Tizen apps available in the app store Gear S3. Unfortunately, the company has not revealed the price tag of these smart watches. However, predicted this device will be available in October.