Reasons Yahoo Shut Features Email Forwarding


Previously communicated, Yahoo took an important step which is called a disadvantage users. Companies that turn off forward a message in its services.

The move drew attention cash, given the problems that hit Yahoo recently. But the company soon bring back these features and provide an explanation of why email forwarding is turned off.

Through an official statement on Tumblr page of Yahoo Mail, temporary suspension mentioned email-forwarding feature because Yahoo Mail is conducting reform platform.

According to Yahoo Mail VP Product Management Michael Albers, in recent years constantly improved its service. This was done to bring a better experience while developing the new system globally.

Therefore, the features (email-forwarding) is temporarily turned off as part of the process.

Earlier, after the disclosure of user data leakage Yahoo Mail, some users find features forward (forward) message can not be done. Once traced, this feature was already shut down since early October 2016.

At that time, the company recently acquired the Verizon did not give a direct explanation on this matter. But the only mention Yahoo email-forwarding feature is disabled because it is in the process of development.

This decision turned out to reap a variety of opinions from several parties. One of the most widely reported is the way it’s a subtle steps to prevent or stop Yahoo users switch to another service.

As is known, the company was also recently rumored to have split the user data to the NSA or the FBI. The news was touted to make no less of Yahoo users are turning to other email services.