Reasons Why Mobile Takes Time Charging Very Long

Charging a smartphone or a regular mobile phone when we consider the length of time that is used to charge the battery on any mobile phone definitely has the difference. There are fast but there is slow so that sometimes makes us upset.

reason for charging the old phoneApproximately what makes the phone it takes a long time when the power is loaded? here’s the answer:

1. Plug Power Source

Cas slow process other reason is the source of power for charging? If the power source using the USB socket on the laptop, POWERBANK or plugs in the car charger, charging process tends to be slower because the output power used from these sources tend to be smaller. As if it is forced to use this power source, try to select the source of power from the USB plug that already support USB 3 because the output power has been greater on the laptop until 1mAH. While the power source of direct electric plug remains the best option for a faster charge process.

2. Your mobile phone is too outdated

If you wondered why your mobile phone is very slow charging the battery, it’s probably because your phone is indeed too old school. Latest mobile phones faster in charging because it is equipped with the latest processors that not only supports fast cas but also comes with a charger that supports turbo charging.

3. Poor or Charger Charger old models

There is a reason why every mobile phone has a different charger, especially on the adapter. This is related to the voltage, wattage consumption, output amperage and others. Cell phone charger long on average only equipped with power outputs of 0.5 ampere (0.5A) while the latest charger has 1.0 A to 2.0 A. The larger the Ampere output is then the charging process would be faster. Please check yourself how much output is generated on the charger adapter, usually written in full. You can only use the default charger other than the original, but make sure the charger is still safe for your cell phone.

4. You’re the reason
You may be the cause of severe why the battery charge is slow, especially when your hands can not stop playing mobile phone. The quickest way is none other than to let your mobile phone is not interrupted when charged, turn off unused applications or if you need to turn off the phone. Especially if your phone is indeed the old model, the patient is the best thing you can do.

5. Cable Charger Ugly

The first thing to check is the condition of the charger cable, because cable charger has an important role in fast or slow the charging process. Similarly, the antenna cable TV, you may have heard that the quality of the cable affect image quality, this applies to the smartphone charger cable, speaker cable to the tape and other electronic devices. Fix also the condition of the cable is bent or rolled up and check the plug end so clean of dirt, fine hairs or other things that clog the cable. In addition to the short length of the cable also affect the speed of charge, the shorter the faster.