Qualcomm will give $15 thousand For Inventors Bug in products


Qualcomm recently announced a search program bug prize money for researchers. Companies from the United States invited a number of parties to find security holes in its products, such as Snapdragon processor, LTE modems, and other hardware.

This program will be managed HackerOne, a company engaged in the disclosure of security holes in the system. Qualcomm claims program as a bug hunter first program conducted semiconductor vendors.

The focus of this program will cover the whole line of Snapdragon processors used in mobile devices, LTE modems, and other technologies.

Researchers who managed to uncover security holes and valid will get a prize of up to US $ 15 thousand. Not only that, the name of the gift recipient will also be enshrined in the Code Aurora Forum Hall of Fame.

However, this program is not open to the public. Qualcomm still relies 40 researchers ever write a report about a security hole in the company. So for now, only the researchers who had the opportunity to receive a prize.

Qualcomm Engineer VP Alex Gantman reasoned, the program is not open to the public from Qualcomm still have the option open to all parties. Therefore, the public also managed to find another security loophole can still contact the company.

In addition, after the discovery of a security hole, Qualcomm seeks to slit it can be patched as soon as possible. The company hopes patch (patches) for the problem can be rolled out 90 days after the report.

Actually, not just Qualcomm which has a similar program. Twitter and Facebook are two companies that often offer prizes to researchers who managed to find security holes in the system.