PNY Launches USB Flash Drive Capacity 128GB

This mature technology trends has led to users who tend to be more concerned with the quality rather than capacity. A trend that seems technologies being adopted by PNY with creating a USB flash drive with a capacity of 128GB.

PNY launches USB flash drive, USB capacity of 128 GBPNY launches USB flash drive, USB capacity of 128 GBPNY’s website said the privileges of named Hook Attache flash drive is located on the exterior design. Dimensions 5 x 15,8 x 48,6mm with a weight of 11.5 grams wrapped in silver-colored coating makes the flash drive US manufacturers have the impression that the elegant and waterproof.

Besides flash drive is also very flexible because it is equipped with an elastic hook. It aims to create a hook flash drive can be placed between key chains, backpacks, or other accessories.

Not only that, the flash drive is also equipped with a specification of interest in addition to its large capacity. Flash drives use the USB 2.0 has data transfer speeds of up to 24MB per second and a read speed of up to 32MB per second.

PNY Hook Attache work smoothly on the operating system Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7/8, and Mac OS X. This product promises a warranty of five years starting from the date of purchase.