Playing Keyboard, Guitar and Cello in A Digital Tool

Conventionally, the music is played manually by a different tool to generate sounds different. However, what if the one tool you can play three instruments, namely keyboards, guitar and cello? If you say it’s impossible, then this tool will make you pull those words.

The digital musical instrument called the Instrument 1. As seen from its shape, this tool looks like a fretboard that is used to play games.

Instrument 1 is the design of Artiphon that lets you play any kind of instrument is desired. Although it has been defined several instruments that can be played on this device, but you can add other instruments and designing programs through the application of Artiphon own companion. Additionally, Intrument 1 can also assist in the writing and recording your own music.

This tool also has the connectivity that is compatible with hundreds of music applications, including Apple GarageBand. In fact, this tool can also be installed on PCs, Macs and mobile devices through the USB provided.

This project on the website Kickstarter to raise funds to support it manufactures Instrument 1.