Peek Hidden Emoji on your iPhone

emoji iphone

For smartphone users, based both iOS and Android, may often use the emoji to communicate. Generally, emoticon or emoji characters encountered shaped in the likeness of a face, animals, objects, or other variety.

No we know, there was a hidden emoji iPhone device you use. Emoji is actually emoji you usually use when communicating via BlackBerry Messenger.

Well, want to know what and how to find it? The following ways:

1. Go to Settings -> General -> Keyboard
2. Then click Keyboard -> Add New Keyboard -> Japanese Kana

Do not be surprised because apparently hidden emoji is part of Kana keyboard language. Well, again,
after being added, tap the Japanese Kana and choose to exit the checkmark (v).

After that, open the app Messages -> tap the keyboard icon international symbol in the bottom left corner of the Globe. There will be plastered Kana letters on your screen.

Lastly, you just type an icon like this ^ _ ^ in the bottom left corner. Later will come-emoticons emoticons are displayed inline on the keyboard. To see a selection of these emoji, click the ^ sign in the middle right corner.