Panasonic and Mozilla Launches Smart TV with Firefox OS

Post-launch Firefox OS phones are planted in Africa, this time Mozilla OS homemade spread it to other devices, namely smartTV. Not alone, Mozilla also took the Panasonic in this project.

Panasonic and Mozilla launched smartTV

We are very pleased to be working with Panasonic to introduce smartTV with Firefox OS in the world. On the other hand, the Panasonic satisfied with this cooperation.

This collaboration helps us to present the User Experience (UX) better on the consumer as well as a differentiator in the marketplace smartTV.

Hopefully, the presence of Firefox OS on smartTV not only be beneficial for the user, but also developers, operators, up to another hardware company. Therefore, this smart TV will be equipped with a wide range of application support as well as support browsing activity.

In its official blog, titled VIERA smartTV product has been launched in Europe. According to the plan, these products will also be sold globally in the coming months.Panasonic and Mozilla Launches Smart TV with Firefox OSPanasonic and Mozilla Launches Smart TV with Firefox OS