OSIRIS-Rex, Robot Artificial NASA Asteroid explorer


NASA reported to have launched a robotic spacecraft tasked to investigate an asteroid natural objects in space.

The US space agency named the robot with the code “OSIRIS-REx” (Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security-Regolith Explorer) to collect samples from the asteroid and will be brought back to Earth.

The goal is simple, namely to bring asteroid samples of particles that can be learned later on NASA-related origin of life on Earth and elsewhere that are in the Solar System.

If successful, it will be the first mission in which the NASA could successfully bring asteroid samples to Earth since the Apollo Project.

Meanwhile, for a period of exploration, OsiriX-Rex will take seven years. He has launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida at 6 am local time.

For the first two years part-time, OSIRIS-Rex will be deployed to the asteroid Bennu. He is targeted to reach the asteroid in September 2019. Afterwards, he will be around the sun at a speed of 63,000 miles per hour.

The robot spacecraft weighs 2110 kilograms and will launch a rocket with a 411 series Atlas V.

NASA said the OSIRIS-Rex could collect between 60 to 2,000 grams of sample material asteroid Bennu. Hopefully, OSIRIS-Rex could return to Earth in 2023 and landed in the upcoming Test and Training Center in Utah AU.