Now Drone Computers Can Used for Breaking Through Wifi

Today, drones are already widely used for various purposes. Not only used for photographing or video recording of air, aircraft are now powered by a mini remote control can also be supervising the air traffic from the internet.

drones could be used to hack computersAs reported by Pop Science, airline giant, Boeing, has been in talks with Defense Contractors to Cyberwar Italy, Hacking Team. Boeing parties have made a named Scan Eagle drone that could pave the computer from the air.

According to them, the goal is to monitor Internet traffic. Method used was very simple. Simply by hovering over the intended target area, and then create a new Wi-Fi signal. If the intended target is connected to a Wi-Fi signal created by the drones, then all the data can be hacked easily.

How do I avoid it? Of course by not carelessly login at Wi-Fi signal foreigners who do not know when they hear the sound of the drone flew over the house or office.

Some time ago, the US government has made ‘weapons’ new computer system to shut off the air. Counter-electronics High-powered Microwave Advanced Missile Project (CHAMP) is also made by Boeing to destroy the connection. However, further said that it is easier to destroy a connection, but it is very difficult to spy on communications if the signal was bad.