L16 Camera, One Camera With 16 Fruit Lenses

Where previously a camera generally have only one lens just to capture an image, but lately have been familiar we hear a camera lens that is equipped with more than 1. There are cameras that have 2 or 3 lenses at once, and no less shocking currently present 16 pieces of lenses embedded in the camera body.

L16 CameraCarrying the name L16, this camera was invented by a company called Light. L16 camera claimed to have as many as 16 lenses and of course to the 16 lens fixed to this size is not the same. Among other things, there are 5 modules are 35 mm lens, plus 5 module measures 70 mm lens, and as well as six lenses measuring 150 mm.

When the camera is working in the shooting, 10 of the lens will shoot (shoot) simultaneously. The camera is claimed to be able to maintain the image details with focal length. With 16 of the lens, this camera has a maximum resolution of up to 52 MP.

Camera has a lens 16 is indeed created to rival the existence of a DSLR camera. The compact size is claimed to accompany the image capture quality DSLR with lens 16 innovation.

Using a new approach, called the “folded optics”, the quality of the L16 DSLR will be able to compete with a model that is more streamlined and efficient, the size of a pocket camera.

Specifications of this camera on the back there is a 5-inch screen with a landscape with a touch screen feature, which can be used to operate / control the camera. Among other things set the zoom, adjust the settings, and focus.

Another feature that is located on this camera is a feature of interest, whereby when the user has taken a picture, then they can instantly share it to social media accounts such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. On 6 November of this camera is launched, but for this release will be provided on a limited basis and priced at USD1.299.