Keeping Tips to Keep Your Gadget Durability Performance

Have gadgets be it a laptop, smartphone, tablet or other gadgets should be accompanied with a treatment that is not complicated but it needs to be done to make the performance of your gadgets remain long in your hand. Here are some tips that can be used to make your gadget can be durable:

Lazy Backup Data

Although it is arguably trivial, but never underestimate the backup data. Backup data is extremely important, especially data that we have is very IMPORTANT! Moreover, the data concerning the office, our family data such as photos or whatever, school data / schoolwork, and so on. Unheard-of time, I forgot to backup a family photo of the laptop hard drive to an external hard drive, as a result I could regret this. Because the photos were meant for my family. Well, what about your data? Are you already backed up your data? Whether it’s on-line backup in the cloud storage and on an external hard drive, or other storage media. Try to have a backup of the data, which is very important.

Cable bend Charger, Data Cable Or Headset

Cable charger, headset or data cable if bent too often could break in without us knowing. Wired USB mouse can also be breaking in suddenly without our knowledge, because usually we pull usb cable too fast / loud. Therefore, make sure wires are not bent-buckling charger while charging gadgets. When carrying the charger or headset cord do not also bend-bend is too short. Let bending rather long and not angled. Get used to roll up the cable in a circle / circle, do not elongate, because it will make the cable bending long cable damage.

Revoke UFD / USB Media arbitrarily

Do not rush if we will unplug the USB flash drive or external hard drive. Unplug the USB flash drive or external hard drive with caution could damage the device. Moreover, external hard drive, if it is revoked when there is still the read / write is in progress, then the hard drive can be damaged even bad sectors. The data in it can also be lost. Make sure we do the Safely Remove or Eject before unplugging the device from a laptop or tablet pc.

Without Protective Whatever brings Gadgets

Glad bring your gadgets anywhere? Even the most extreme, bringing the gadget while to the bathroom! Of course this never been done by anyone. Do not let you take him unprotected. Do not let your gadgets brought together tools that could potentially damage the screen or the cover body gadget. We can give our gadgets which makes it more durable protective and certainly convenient when taken anywhere. Such screenguard, laptop bags, mobile phone holster, bag tablet pc, etc.

Using Laptop On Top Mattress, Sofa Nor Carpet

One of the things we did this often by laptop owners, including me sometimes. Turn on the laptop on the bed, sofa, or a rug while enjoying a favorite movie or while doing office work or school turned out to be very dangerous. The surface of the soft base will close the laptop vents and cause overheating. This can reduce the life of the battery, the laptop’s hardware, even in extreme cases could cause a fire due to a battery or components in the laptop suddenly exploded.

Never Deadly Laptop

Too preoccupied with work and activities that require you to use a laptop as often as possible. In fact, often up to 2 days laptop never turned off. Finally after a long time hardware broken and must be replaced. The price is very expensive replacement parts will certainly make us more losses in all respects. Rest of our laptop though only briefly to turn off the laptop. Turn off the Shutdown mode, not Sleep or hibernate although only half an hour or more until the condition can return the laptop cool.

Cleaning Gadgets With Versatile Cleaning / Home Based

Never we clean the surface with a cleaning gadgets home or multipurpose cleaner that is sold freely. Clean with a special cleaning. Although the price is a bit expensive, of course we are more dear right with our gadgets, gadgets later than us so damaged surface. Moreover with the surface of the screen and the casing gadget itself highly susceptible to the chemicals contained in cleaning the home.