Japan Create Wearable Chairs for Surgeons

Most workers often sit facing a desktop or laptop. Perhaps only a few are willing to use the table stand to avoid sitting for hours all day.

However, there are many jobs that require employees to stand. One of them might be the surgeon who must perform the operation and stand in a long time.

Well, a wearable chair named Archelis designed for the surgeon so that the They can sit during running operation. Archelis named because it means that the chair can be run in Japanese.

Wearable is intended for medical workers. However, Archelis chair can help workers in other industrial sectors who have to stand for long periods.

Archelis itself was developed by a mold factory based in Yokohama, Japan, as well as collaborating with the Center ofor Frontier Medical Engineering Chiba University. According to the plan, these products are sold in the middle of this year.