How to Stop Facebook Monitor Your Location

facebook dominated by blue

Some time ago Snapchat introduced Snap Map feature. This feature allows users to view the location of a friend on the map.

Facebook apparently had already had this feature since 2014. On Facebook, a feature that can track the location of this user named Nearby Friends. It works the same as Snap Map, which detects the user’s location.

Social networking application made by Mark Zuckerberg will show the exact location of Facebook friends are around you. So how do I stop Facebook from monitoring your location?

The way is quite easy. You only need to open Facebook app on Android smartphone or iPhone.

Next, open the Menu button on the right side of the screen and all the menus and settings will appear. You just tap Explore then select Nearby menu Friends.

The possibility of this feature is not enabled, if from the beginning you never gave permission to activate the application. But if it turns out this feature is active, you can see the location of your Facebook friends accurately.

To disable it, you can go to the Nearby Friends menu, then see the Setting button (bolt-shaped) and select the option to disable.

But if you want to make this location feature active for just a few friends and family, you can choose the “Friends” option and manage who can see your location. Please also note, if you enable this feature, smartphone battery will be more extravagant than usual.