How to Play Games Without Internet in Google Chrome Browser

Have you experienced interference when conducting a search in Google? For example, when the user forgot to connect computers to the internet. Yes, some of us must have experienced hotel.Not undeniable, Google Chrome users must have been very familiar with T-Rex dinosaur that appears when your computer is not connected to the Internet. We can be sure also, users must be able to feel a little upset with that view.


We know that T-Rex have some sort of short sleeves are certainly a lot of things out of reach. As with dinosaurs, Chrome also still often have difficulty in reaching the Internet, as reported on page But you know that the T-Rex were present on the computer screen can be used as a game. Wah the yes?

In the offline state, dinosaurs exist in Chrome could be a pretty interesting game of course. By pressing the spacebar is automatically activated and the game will soon Chrome tab will turn into an exciting game and certainly does not make the user feel bored. T-Rex will run and you as the player’s mission is to make the dinosaur is not to crash into a tree or some kind saguaros cactus.

In addition to match the existing chrome on the desktop, dinosaur games can also be found in the chrome found on Android. Do not forget to turn off all your network devices by enabling the “airplane mode”. However, the difference in the game of dinosaurs on the desktop player must use the space key in the run, but the android device can by tapping on the screen to make the dinosaurs jump.