How to Make Smartphone Broader Memory Storage

Have a smartphone with high sophistication of a yearning. However, often we meet, the memory is full on a smartphone. This of course be something very annoying, since there are many applications that we want to upload, but on the other hand is not qualified storage space to store applications or other data such as a photo or video that we have.

Making the wider smartphone memory storageTo add users the freedom to expand storage memory owned smartphones that do not need to delete the data that has been stored previously so here there is one way that can be used for this. Actually many ways you can do to expand storage memory on Android, so Android is not slow although you have saved a lot of data.

Here’s how:

Default Applications Android moved to the SD Card

One of the first things seen if these devices already have an internal memory is full smartphone becomes slow. Whether it is made to open the application or run it.

If it is so, you need to check to make sure the stay how much free space owned by the internal memory. If it is full, files can be transferred to other external memory has been provided.

Also make sure that the SD memory card that you have to have a large capacity of at least grade 10. To move them, we have two ways that you can follow all of them. Immediately following way.

  • Sign on the Settings menu (Settings)
  • Click Applications (Apps)
  • Click Manage Applications (Manage Applications)
  • Click on one of the applications that will be moved to the SD card
  • Click Move to SD card (Move to SD card)