How to Make Google Chrome More Stable

Google Chrome is a browser that is fast, light and stable. Made popular browser from Google is already no need to doubt the quality in providing comfort for its users. But in some situations, Google Chrome also has a state where the browser is not stable in use. How to make Google Chrome more stable, based on factors Flash Player.

Google Chrome is more stable wayFlash Player is important if you want to watch YouTube videos or playing games in the browser, but not infrequently also Flash Player encountered a problem and can not be used. This would result in the browser will be unstable. Here’s how to make Google Chrome more stable:

1. Repair damaged Shockwave Flash in Chrome.

This method can be fairly easy because you just turn off the feature plug-in from Shockwave Flash in Chrome. How can the address into the column and then type chrome: // plugins afterwards find that reads Adobe Flash Player / Shockwave Flash and select Disable. YouTube itself requires the Flash Player for use in the browser, so that in this way can make you can not watch YouTube.

2. Run the Flash Player in Chrome as desired.

By using this method means that you will run the Flash Player when you need or want it. By default, this plugin will not work but when you go to a web page that requires Flash will display a pop-up. To be able to use it by typing in the address column chrome: // settings and select Show Advanced Settings, then the Content Settings and then select the Click to Play