How to Eliminate Ads Appear On Smartphone Applications

The amount of support on Android, making the operating system is increasingly popular, especially the increasing number of vendors smartphone or other gadget that embed their products with an operating system that is user friendly.

How to Eliminate Ads Appear On Smartphone ApplicationsIn addition, Android also provides the flexibility to application developers so they can create at will to create as many innovative applications and quality, also are not less interesting is the application can be downloaded for free.

Because the application is free, then from the developers themselves sell advertising when their applications are run in order to make money. However, consciously or not the presence of advertisements, especially when we run the application would greatly make its uncomfortable, because the ads can not be denied also can take internet quota. So to avoid this, here’s how you can use to remove ads that often appear in the Android application:

  1. Download the application NOROOT Firewall via Google Play Store
  2. Once downloaded and then install and run
  3. slide the tab on the main menu to menu pending acces so that we will see a list of applications or games that exist in our Android phones
  4. To block ads, select the application you want the ad is blocked, then the position skelar in a position to deny (a red cross). whereas to allow advertisements to appear select the Allow button (green)
  5. Finished