How to Disable Search Suggestion in Firefox

As is known, the Firefox version 46 comes with support Search feature that gives users suggestions a website address or a keyword when users type something in the search bar. Although very useful, in fact, for some users the appearance of this feature it is very disturbing.

Well, if you are one that quite disturbed by the presence of the Search Suggestion feature that often appear suddenly in Firefox this then check the easy way to disable the feature.

First, open your Firefox browser and click on the icon piled three existing lines in the top right corner of the browser.

Second, select the Options menu and you will automatically be directed to display the menu below.

Third, select the Search menu, and you will see the Default Search Engine with options Provide search suggestions in the box underneath.

Fourth, uncheck the box Provide search suggestions while you browse later then the system will no longer suggest keywords or a website address again.