Google Safe Browsing Site Status: The easy way to check the “health” website

For the sake of the internet users, Google has been offering a complete check on a site with a warning about the presence of malware, if any. The name of this feature is the Google Safe Browsing Site Status. Although this feature is not new, but a transparency report on Google’s website presents a deeper reason why it is arguably the site is safe or harmful.

google health

Diagnose site usage is quite simple, really. You only need to enter the site you want to know “health” in the “Status of”, then click the search button next to it.

Later, it would appear that Google issued a status analysis carried out on the spot. If Google classify your site in the category of “Dangerous” or “Maybe Dangerous”, see Site Safety Details outlined Google at the bottom.

Furthermore, although can not be used as the sole criterion, this feature can be utilized by the webmaster to evaluate the status of its website regularly. Therefore, not infrequently there are third-party applications on the website or even files that are uploaded by users of such sites containing malware. Stay correct course notes Google Site Safety Details and hopefully your site that Google suspected that his status could turn into “Recently Dangerous” or “Not Dangerous”.