Google Releases Corporate Gmail Service Update

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Google has announced several new security features of Gmail for the corporate user segment. The search engine giant released the first update to feature Data Loss Prevention (DLP), which was released last year, to users of Google Apps Unlimited.

With these updates Gmail for business can scan information using optical character recognition.

This means that Gmail can scan attachments with potentially sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, driver’s license, as well as the secret words.

Actually, DLP already has the ability to scan attachments, but before this feature can not scan an image attachment. With this update DLP can scan images that are considered important, while allowing administrators manage email required.

In addition to updates to DLP features, Google also released the content detector feature that allows administrators to scan emails personally. Not only that, the administrator can also set criteria for the detector according to the needs of the company.

Through this update, the administrator is also easy to set up Gmail email relies on rules that have been violated. Thus, the company can be quarantined emails deemed to have violated the prescribed limits.

For your information, DLP feature itself is a feature for the business user is able to ‘regulate’ the type of information that is considered sensitive. Thus, this feature will automatically filter out information that could come in and go out of the corporate firewall through email.