Google Play Store Will Change New Design

In the near future Google will make changes to the application store. The Internet search giant that will overhaul the look of the Google Play Store.

google play

The information revealed by Kirill Grouchnikov, Google software engineer. He posted a number of new display picture Google Play Store on Google+ account.

Seeing the picture looks to update the screen. However it seems that Google is not overhauled design application store. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, California United States simply change the layout and put the animation.

Latest Google Play Store will be divided into two parts, namely Apps & Games and Entertainment. Previously, the app store has six categories, namely applications, games, movie & tv, music, books and newsstand.

Additionally, Google Play Store now supports the display with the words from right to left. As seen in the post Grouchnikov that this application store displays in Hebrew.

Unfortunately Grouchnikov not reveal when Android users will receive this update. Grouchnikov just write #soon or immediately.