Google Photos will be more sophisticated with the joining Fly Labs

fly labs app

Applications edit photos and videos on iPhone, Fly Labs, officially announced that they have now been docked to the technology giant Google. Fly Labs is said to complement the features of Google Photos.

Fly Labs parties say if they have the same passion with Google Photos so that they do not mind to join and was acquired by Google. So that with this acquisition, Google Photos service will allow users to edit photos and videos directly from the application.

On the other hand, Google Photos currently has 100 million users and recorded 50 billion collection of photos and videos uploaded users. Predicted if the application Fly Labs at Google’s photo service will increase the number of users.

For now, the application still Fly Labs you can download on your iOS device in your possession during the next three months. But after that, certainly this application will be withdrawn by the Fly Labs from the iOS App Store.