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samsung 10.1 tablet

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samsung tablet vs ipad

The Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet is the first real product that has been pushing Apple for market share, and it’s very easy to see why.  While the media darling of the tablet world would indisputably be the Apple iPad in any of its variations, there are some serious contenders for the crown cropping up. Technology giant Samsung has thrown their hat in the ring with some the Samsung Galaxy – and words can’t really describe just how close to perfection they’ve been able to get with it.

Built from incredibly powerful and beautifully designed hardware and running the always popular Android operating system, this is the tablet that you would turn to if you’re looking for a combination of the power of an iPad with the open environment and freedom that comes with Androids.

While often not the “sexiest” thing to talk about, this major difference in operating systems is a big reason people decide to choose the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet or the Samsung Galaxy tablet 7 over any other option available on the marketplace. Android is backed by Google and offered as an open source solution – meaning anyone, anywhere with just a little bit of knowledge and skill can create some mind blowing applications and uses for their new Android tablet. You’re also able to add any programs you can download, customize the preferences and interfaces as much as you want, and really make your new Samsung Galaxy tablet 7 your own. Apple products lived in a “walled garden” – everything is meticulously designed and built to work seamlessly together, and while this makes for some pretty awesome products you aren’t able to achieve anywhere near the customization and freedom that the Samsung 10.1 tablet running Android can.

galaxy samsung tablet

samsung 10.1 tablet is incredibly fast

The Samsung 10.1 tablet is also incredibly fast – I’m talking really, really fast. This is like tablet computing on steroids, and you’re going to notice it the first time you touch your fingers to the screen and begin to use the powerhouse that is in your hands. All of the hardware used in the construction is top of the line high end products, and you can tell just from the feel of the unit that it’s been well thought out and constructed.

The Android software that runs the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet and the Samsung Galaxy tablet 7 is polished and intuitive as well. All swipes and input on the screen is quickly and accurately registered, and there is almost no lag when switching between programs, modes, and navigating inside applications. This is a just about as close to tablet perfection as you can get, and judging from how quickly these Samsung tablets have been flying off the shelf it would seem that most of the world is catching on to just how incredible these units really are.

The other significant advantage that the Samsung Galaxy tablet 7 and Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet has over other tablet based products in the space is the incredible price. Nowhere near as expensive but every bit as polished and well designed as the iPad, the economic decision is simple – the Samsung tablets are cheaper. But there is even more exciting news – for a limited time only you can get an even better deal on a Samsung tablet, just by following the link at the bottom of the page. This discount isn’t going to be around forever (these tablets are flying off the shelves quick enough even without a discount) and if you act quickly you’ll be able to get your hands on the finest Android tablet available on the marketplace today.