Facebook Start Enforce Verification for Local Businesses

During this time, both Facebook and Twitter is basically just provide verification services for a brand or a public figure who is already widely known. Practically, this policy becomes unprofitable for some parties, especially the small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

Facebook Enforce verification

The good news, Facebook announced that it is conducting a verification test new badge in the form of gray that are specific to the local business Page. As for the brand or public figure, as a differentiator, will continue to use a blue badge verification.

The Company made by Mark Zuckerberg, said this is the first time Facebook provide verification for official Page of local businesses. The goal is quite clear, namely as an authentic representation at once easier for users to search and detect Page are local businesses that are being sought.

It is said, the verification badge to local business Page is now applied in some countries. If according to plan, this verification feature will be expanded globally in the coming months. As for how to enable it can be found through the official Facebook Help Center link.