Facebook Messenger Penetrating 800 Million Users


The latest version of Facebook or (FB) for sending messages through a separate application has been directly using the Facebook Messenger must be installed on your smartphone to chat or send messages with your FB friends.

With different applications, it turns out Facebook Messenger app also has a lot of users who are already Penetrating of 800 million active users per month. Announcement of VP Messaging Product David Marcus had mentioned about to be performed Facebook Messenger in 2015 and in 2016 later.

Facebook Messenger with 800 million users consist of two platforms Facebook Messenger already approaching one billion users. To WhatsApp already in the acquisition of Facebook worth USD19 billion in 2014, an announcement last September that messaging services already passed 900 million users.

In the past year, Facebook Messenger there are many different features, Messenger now has introduced the video call feature as well as to reach out using text chat services. Facebook Messenger already has one million video calls in the first two days.

Facebook Messenger for the future that will provide the theme that is different from the original. The one theme that threads are the new app. Facebook wants its Messenger into a go to spot in this case what can be done on your smartphone.

Remarks that has been revealed to a spokesman who said that an average of 45 billion messages sent in the morning and the users who send photos via Facebook Messenger each month has a number of more than 9.5 billion.