Facebook has officially become the next port of Hugo Barra

Hugo BarraSome time ago, Hugo Barra had announced its decision to pull out of Xiaomi. But in his farewell message, he did not disclose plans for anchored to another company.

At that time, the only Brazilian man says he will return to Silicon Valley. He said he would take a break before returning to start a new adventure in the technology hub of the United States.

Having had a riddle, finally answered the next port of Hugo Barra. Through the latest uploads on his Facebook account, Mark Zuckerberg announced Barra turns will join the social media giant.

Based on the information supplied, the former Vice President Xiaomi it will lead the line of virtual reality (VR) on Facebook including the Oculus team. However, according to Barra messages when away from Xiaomi, he was in China for the time being.

According to Zuckerberg, Barra has the same confidence with him in terms of augmented and virtual reality. Both believe that the two systems will be a major computing platforms in the future.

Both technologies also offer new and creative than ever before. Mark says that Hugo will help to realize such a future, and I look forward in our team (Facebook).

Uniquely, Barra respond directly upload the Facebook boss. In addition to revealing a sense of fun on the move, he also calls has learned from Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun’s about a breakthrough in the technology industry.