Facebook Can Recognize People Without Seeing the Face

Do not be surprised if one day Facebook could know who the person in your photo album. Yes, although the people in the photograph hair stuck trying to cover the face, or may face censor itself, the social network will still be able to recognize their names.

Facebook apparently not satisfied with auto-tag that is now able to recognize the user’s face. They also developed a new facial recognition technology is more advanced.

Functions more reading faces. This new technology can also see haircut, body shape, clothing, and even pose a person in photos uploaded to the album. Thus, even more accurate identification ability.

Artificial intelligence laboratory owned up briefly to test this technology on 40,000 photos containing faces are clearly visible and the invisible face. As a result, they can recognize the identity of the person in the photographs with an accuracy rate of 83 percent.

On the one hand, technologies like these provide benefits for Facebook, for example by providing increased accuracy auto-tag on Momments new application launch.

However, on the other hand, facial recognition vulnerable to violate the privacy of many people. Not everyone wants to he can be recognized easily only from photos or tag that appeared in social networks.