Edward Snowden iPhone Casing Design Anti Tapping

Edward Snowden iPhone Casing

Whistleblower Edward Snowden, was still trying to fight the smartphone radio control is usually done by a government agency.

The latest, ‘fugitive’ who live in Russia are working together with a hacker named Andrew ‘Bunnie’ Huang to develop an iPhone casing called anti tapping.

This is possible, because the casing is able to monitor the electrical signals from the devices that use it. Casing design is not unlike an external battery case with a small mono-color screen and is described as ‘introspection engine’.

Mobile phones that will use this case must first be connected cables inside. This was done to connect casing with a SIM card slot.

A phone typically has two antennas that emit electrical signals and appears when the user activates the radio signals, including GPS and Bluetooth. The wire was then overseeing the movement of the signal.

When the cable is transmitting information, the user will automatically receive a warning or alarm message and then turn off the phone automatically.

This casing is called to help a person who often carries her cell phone to a foreign country, without fear of unknown by the government or other organizations that are funded by the government.

Snowden and Huang ensure that users can still record video or audio, although there are turning on the radio signal.

Unfortunately, for now are limited to casing design. Snowden and Huang hopes to create a prototype in the next year, and may soon be offered to journalists as the target user.