Easily Create Applications with Microsoft PowerApps


Microsoft has launched PowerApps, an application development solutions that are geared to help people who have no knowledge of coding in developing the application.

Designed for the business market, Microsoft PowerApps helped many companies presenting applications they develop for Android, iOS, and Windows with the simple use as well as Microsoft Office Suite.

This makes the development and distribution of applications to be faster because it is equipped with a number of special tools, templates and visual designers to draw up a systematic workflow.

While many companies increasingly turning to SaaS solutions for specific scenarios such as CRM and HR, using services such as Microsoft Dynamics, Concur or Workday, most scenarios of business applications is still going nowhere, depending on the connected PC company.

Earlier this month, Staples said Microsoft believes that while workers today are much more mobile than ever before, there is still much work to be done with the help of the desktop.

PowerApps will allow anyone to use his connections built-in, or developed by his company, to connect PowerApps to cloud services, including Office 365, One Drive and Dropbox and local systems, such as Oracle databases, SQL server, and much more.

It should be noted that the service is in beta now, and Microsoft has not released details on price.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is not the only company that focuses on this type of service. AppGyver previously introduced solution Composer 2 is also promising it easy for anyone to create mobile applications simple.