Early 2016, Android Comes With 3D Touch Technology

Touch with the 3D technology, it can allow the screen to measure how strong smartphone users in tapping the screen. This advanced technology also allows for additional emergence of new, more interactive options.

Android Touch comes with 3D technologyAs reported by Trustedreviews, the company’s smartphone and the leading gadget that Apple had already brought this feature on their iPhone duo who recently released the iPhone and iPhone 6S 6S Plus. Basically, this technology could make a 3D Touch screen sensitive to pressure. Not to be outdone by IOS, in early 2016, Android operating green robot that will create a smartphone with similar technology.

The more devices that display technology can not be separated from the company called Synaptics, developer of solutions for mobile, PC, and automotive industries. Synaptics announced ClearForce technology, which allows the application on Android smartphones in early 2016.

Meanwhile, behind whom have not mentioned the name of the vendor who will issue a smartphone mobile device with this technology, but it is expected original equipment manufacturer (OEM) that carries major technologies.

For ClearForce technology, will not only involve the power of touch pressure, but also the system will work for different speed scroll, zoom and pan the screen image (panning). In addition, ClearForce technology can also be used to ‘unlock’ and ‘wake up’ the phone.